Robert Pushkar is a Boston-based photographer & writer who uses words and images to tell his stories and communicate his vision of the world. This unique skill set allows for his wide-ranging scope of in-depth examination of topics and artistic rendering of subjects. 

His résumé includes articles and photographs in art, travel, lifestyle, theater, science, history, literature, celebrities, aviation, environment, music, film, television, and commercial and social events.  Pushkar’s bylines and photo credits appear regularly in national publications, and in New England’s local and regional newspapers and magazines. 

Bylines & Credits

Air & Space Smithsonian
American Way
Art New England
The Boston Globe
Boston Magazine
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Early American Life
Improper Bostonian
The Los Angeles Times
The New York Daily News


The New York Times
NorthShore Magazine
Parent’s Magazine
The Phoenix
London Telegraph
USAir Magazine
The Washington Post